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mobility and eGov

Middle East | Africa | India

Cutting-edge technology solutions in mobility and government services

for the aviation industry, passenger facilitation, and digital transformation. Our focus areas include airport technology, unified passenger experience, smart borders, digital and identity credentialing and a pedigree dating back to 2007 with an exceptional track record of spearheading thought leadership and delivering on national-level programs across the Middle East, India, and Africa.

Digital Shifts in G2B, B2B and G2C in Web3, Blockchain, AI, Data Analytics and Cloud journeys,

delivering on digital initiatives in the Government and Public Sector we are transforming the traditional business models, with our lowered cost approach, future-focused solutions and working engagement with clients where we build and deliver national workforce enablement.

people first, solutioning


Redefining experiences with technology-driven solutions, leveraging the best of breed in software development, system design and with exceptional domain expertise, we deliver superior results.

Our comprehensive suite of services spans consulting, managed services, turnkey project executions, embedding Ai, data analytics, cloud transformations into effective outcomes.

Airports & Mobility


Unified Passenger Experience (uPX)

Revolutionize the passenger journey with our uPX platform, ensuring seamless navigation from kerbside to check-in , immigration and boarding. uPX integrates all touchpoints for a smooth travel experience.

ezFLY App

Enhance passenger convenience with our ezFLY app, a comprehensive integrated app for airport services catering exclusively for a passengers and travel convenience.

Smart Boarding

Streamline boarding processes and reduce wait times with our Smart boarding solutions, improving passenger flow and satisfaction.

Automated Border Control

Facilitate secure and efficient border crossings with our advanced biometric identification systems and automated border control solutions.

Airport Operations Revenue Enhancement

Maximize airport revenue streams (aero and non-aero) through our comprehensive revenue enhancement strategies and solutions.

Airport Operations Efficiency & Optimization

Optimize airport operations for efficiency and cost-effectiveness with our tailored programs and technology solutions.

Airport Technology Transformation

Drive digital transformation in airport technology with our expertise in implementation and management.

Digital Transformation Suite


Digital Credentialing in Unified Digital Exchange (uDX)

Enable secure and seamless digital transactions with our digital credentialing solutions, supporting government digital transformations.

ezOPS App

Empower teams with our ezOPS app, providing real-time insights, improved communication, andenhanced decision-making for streamlined operations management, in tandem with uDX and Enterprise Platforms.

Identity Credentialing with Multimodal Biometrics

Ensure robust identity verification with our multimodal facial and iris biometric authentication systems.


At FLY6 we are transforming businesses and delivering on national development goals, we bring technology and service excellence in the IT and digital realms for governments, airports, and large-scale infrastructure, our solutions deploy the best of tech, tailored to the program and project dynamics.


Comprehensive Programs

Designed to deliver enhanced operations and passenger experiences.


Managed Services

Offering speed, efficiency, and skilled service operators for seamless operations.


National Workforce Deployment

Establishing centers of excellence, providing collaboration, training, and
knowledge upgrades.


Technology Assessments

Evaluating technology needs and implementing modernization strategies for optimized performance.

About Us

FLY6 boasts of a highly experienced team with a proven track record since 2007, established as Techventures with a rich history of innovation in technology ventures our team spearheads thought leadership in the industry. delivering National Level Programs across the Middle East, India, and Africa in diverse industries and technology domains.

We engage, employ and enhance the national workforce capability, and create leaders of the future as they engage in programs of G2B, G2C,B2B solutions . We are at the forefront of integrating AI technology, emphasizing sustainability, and implementing superior project execution practices.

FLY6 is a TransAsia group company. The TransAsia Group is a diversified conglomerate into Oil & Gas, Pipeline Services, Testing, Survey and Industrial Services. As strategic partners as we leverage synergies to drive a strong value presence for our clients in Middle East, Africa , South Asia, Europe and the Americas ensuring accessibility and regional understanding.

Leadership & Management Team

Sachin Sanghai

Board Director and Advisor

Kiran James

Regional Director Africa

Tarang Salgia

Technology Advisor

Manisha Bhandar

Director Software Engineering

Abdul Jabbar

Director Projects & Delivery

FLY6 Operations

Customer Excellence & Business Support

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